Career Development

You can receive a full-ride/$10,000 scholarship to attend our upcoming CareerDevs Academy. CareerDevs is the latest creation of IntraCity Geeks.  We launch our CareerDevs Full-Stack Computer Science Academy in the summer of 2017.

This innovative, ten-week full immersion into computer science and software development is designed to reinforce the requisite skills that students need to master entry-level and junior-level software development.

If you are interested or would like more information, click here.

Tech Meetups

Join one of our regularly scheduled meetups taking place in Boston, Providence, and New York.  We have meetups that are specifically designed for entry-level, junior and senior-level software developers.

For entry-level learners (beginners), our project based approach is just the thing you need to connect the dots and see the big picture.  In addition, if you’ve been frustrated with learning how to code, our support community is second to none.

For junior and senior level developers, scope, recursion, data-structures, algorithm design and development, machine learning, AI and Iot are topics that you will enjoy exploring.

Stay Tuned.


We are the creators of Providence Computer Science Education Week (for middle/high students), and In addition we often sound the rallying-cry and bring together multiple teams of developers and travel (flock) to hackathons in Boston, Providence and New York.

Hackathon are great times of geeky family bonding where you not only learn a lot, but build friendships that will last a life-time.  Our most recent trip was with 15 developers to New York City to a 3-day Hackathon that took place in the Google Office in Manhattan!

Join us for the next one.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to fuel computer science education, innovation and entrepreneurship equally in traditional and underserved markets

IntraCity Geeks in The News:

Computer Science Education for All

IntraCity Geeks believes that America will be at its best and most competitive form when it fully leverages the strengths of its diverse populace.   Our goal is to bring that day to fruition via the creation of Urban Domestic Markets.

Providence Journal

Providence’s first “hackathon,”

IntraCity Geeks and Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza welcomed HackPVD, the first official Hackathon for the City.  Arnell Milhouse, Executive Director of IntraCity Geeks, kicked off the Hackathon with a call to the International Space Station in outer space.

Providence Business News

The R.I. Public Transit Authority is participating in the first statewide hackathon hosted by the state of Rhode Island, and the “Revolutionizing RIPTA” portion of Hack(RI) will launch at RIPTA’s Elmwood Avenue headquarters at 705 Elmwood Ave. on Oct. 26 at 6 p.m.

The R.I. Office of Innovation, RIPTA, IntraCity Geeks and MojoTech are inviting coders, designers, entrepreneurs, students, activists and other individuals to brainstorm potential projects during the hackathon, which continues through December.

Brown University Daily Herald

Milhouse also stressed the importance of exposure in creating opportunity for the students whom Intracity Geeks hopes to reach.

“My vision is to combat income inequality with access,” he said. “Having access combated income inequality for me.”

Milhouse learned to code at a young age at his public school in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. He said this coding knowledge made it possible for him to rise up out of the poverty in which he was raised.

Full-Stack Computer Science Academy:

IntraCity Geeks Youngsters visit Brown University Hackathon:

Every year, IntraCity Geeks brings its younger computer science learners to  Hack@Brown (the official hackathon at Brown University).  The youngsters observe the amazing, cutting-edge, high-tech creations, ask questions of the hackers, and gear up for their own IntraCity Geeks mini-hackathon Hackathon at the beginning of April.

For some, it’s their first time at such an event and you can tell by the looks of amazement on their faces.  For those who have come before, you can see maturation in the nature of their questions, insights and conversations that they have with the hackers.  This is what urban access equality looks like.

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